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 Saxifraga X urbium subsp. var.  London Pride
Habit: herbaceous
Height: to
Width: to
12in 18in36in
Height: warning.png"" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. to 12 in
Width: 18 in to 36 in
Lifespan: perennial
Bloom: early summer, mid summer, late summer
Exposure: sun
Features: flowers
Hidden fields, interally pass variables to right place
Minimum Temp: °Fwarning.png"°F" is not a number.
USDA Zones: 6 to 7
Sunset Zones:
Flower features: red, pink
Saxifragaceae > Saxifraga X urbium var. , D. A. Webb

London Pride (Saxifraga x urbium) is a perennial garden flowering plant. Alternative names for it include St. Patrick's Cabbage, Whimsey, Prattling Parnell, and Look Up And Kiss Me. The name is sometimes applied to any of several closely related plants of the saxifrage genus, but the "true" London Pride is a hybrid between Saxifraga umbrosa, native to the Spanish Pyrenees, and Saxifraga spathularis (which is the plant to which the name St Patrick's Cabbage more correctly belongs, coming from western Ireland).

London Pride is tolerant of dry, shady conditions. It grows to a height of 15–30 cm (6–12 inches) and provides rapid ground cover without being aggressively invasive, and in late spring produces a mass of small pale pink rosette flowers growing from succulent stems. It will grow well in neglected or unfavourable urban spaces where few other flowers flourish, and is a common garden escapee.

The section Gymnopera of the genus Saxifraga are collectively referred to as "London Pride saxifrages", and others of them have "London Pride" in their common names, for example the Lesser London Pride, S. cuneifolia, and the Miniature London Pride, S. umbrosa var. primuloides.



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