Saxifraga aretioides

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 Saxifraga aretioides subsp. var.  
Habit: herbaceous
Height: to
Width: to
3in6in 4in8in
Height: 3 in to 6 in
Width: 4 in to 8 in
Lifespan: perennial
Exposure: sun, part-sun
Water: moist
Features: flowers
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Minimum Temp: °Fwarning.png"°F" is not a number.
USDA Zones: 6 to 9
Sunset Zones:
Flower features: orange, yellow
Saxifragaceae > Saxifraga aretioides var. ,

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Saxifraga aretioides, Lapeyr. Cespitose, about 2 in. high, with woody, densely imbricate-foliose caudicles: sts. short and leafy, glandular-hirsute: lower lvs. sulcate, weakly keeled, leathery and stiff, both sides gray-green but violet at the base of the under surface, linear-lingulate, apex rather obtuse, margin narrowly cartilaginous, the lower portion ciliate and near the margin are 7-9 pits noticeable with age; cauline lvs. linear-spatulate, glandular-hirsute and cartilaginous except the apical portion: infl. terminal, 1-3-fld., rarely cymose, 3-5-fld.; the pedicels and calyx glandular: fls. golden yellow, calyx- lobes ovate and acutish; petals broad-obovate, 5-7- nerved, more than twice as long as the calyx-lobes. April-July. Mountains of Eu. Should be planted on a shady ledge where it will obtain plenty of moisture. Little known in Amer.

Var. primulina, Hort., grows about 1 1/2 in. high; the peduncles are paler green than the type; the fls. are true primrose-yellow and the petals are usually well rounded and fairly well imbricated. CH

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