Saxifraga virginiensis

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Habit:  ?
Height:  ?
Origin:  ?
Exposure:  ?
Water:  ?
USDA Zones:  ?
Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Saxifraga virginiensis, Michx. (Micranthes virginiensis, Small). Low, viscid-pubescent plant, 3-12 in. high (occasionally taller): lvs. rosulate, thickish, ovate, obovate or spatulate, narrowed into a broad petiole, both surfaces glabrous or the upper short-pilose and the lower hirsute, crenate-toothed: infl. solitary, a small cyme, close at first, becoming loose and paniculate, which is borne on a hirsute and glandular-soft-pilose scape: fls. white, small, few or many; sepals ovate, mostly obtuse; petals obovate-oblong, double the length of the sepals: fr. ovate, the follicles united merely at base, purplish. April-June. Common on rocks and dry hillsides. New Bruns. to Minn., south to Ga., Mo., and Tenn. B.M. 1664. L.B.C. 17:1699. B.B. 2:174; (ed. 2) 2:218.—A very attractive spring-blooming plant for partially shaded spots in the wild-garden or rockery. Var. flore-pleno, Hort., is a double-fld. form. CH

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