Stellaria media

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Stellaria media
 Common chickweed
Closeup of the common chickweed.
Habit: herbaceous
Height:  ?
Lifespan: annualwp
Origin: Europewp
Exposure:  ?
Water:  ?
Hardiness: hardyCH
USDA Zones:  ?
Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Stellaria media. Chickweed. A low, decumbent annual weed common in all rich, moist, cult. soils, especially troublesome during the cooler months of the growing season and in frames, and the like, during winter. Lvs. 2 lines to 1 1/2 in. long, the lower petioled, the upper sessile: fls. axillary or in terminal leafy cymes; sepals longer than the petals. Eu., Asia; naturalized. —It is considered to be a good fall and winter cover-plant in orchards and vineyards, but is never cult. It is a surface-rooting plant. CH

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