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 Stenocarpus subsp. var.  
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Proteaceae > Stenocarpus var. ,

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Stenocarpus is a genus of around 25 species of woody trees or shrubs of the family Proteaceae, occurring in rainforests of Eastern and monsoonal areas of Northern and North-Western Australia (9 species) with 2 extending into New Guinea and the Aru Islands, with the greatest diversity occurring in New Caledonia, where the majority are found (12 species).[1].

By far the most well known in Australia is Stenocarpus sinuatus, the Queensland Firewheel Tree, which is commonly used as a street or garden tree on the East Coast.

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Stenocarpus (Greek, narrow fruit, referring to the follicles, which are long and narrow). Proteaceae. Trees, sometimes grown in the warmhouse or the greenhouse.

Leaves alternate or scattered, entire or deeply pinnatifid with few lobes: peduncles terminal or in the upper axils, sometimes several in an umbel or short raceme, each bearing an umbel of pedicellate red or yellow fls.; bracts none or falling off early: fls. hermaphrodite; perianth slightly irregular, tube opening along the lower side, limb nearly globular and recurved; segms. at length separating; anthers broad, sessile within the concave laminae; ovary stipitate, ovules several, imbricate downward in 2 rows: follicle usually narrow, coriaceous.—About 18 species, 3 endemic to Austral., the others natives of New Caledonia. CH

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