Linnaea borealis

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 Linnaea borealis subsp. var.  
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Linnaea borealis, Fig. 2179. Sts. slender, slightly pubescent: lvs. short-petioled, roundish or obovate, with few crenate teeth, usually ciliate and with scattered hairs above, ¼ - ¾ in. long: fls. pedicelled in 2's at the top of slender, upright peduncles; corolla rose- colored or white, ⅓ – ½ in. long, fragrant, in the typical form campanulate, with the constricted portion at the base much shorter than the calyx. June-Aug. N. Eu. and N. Asia. Gn. 24, p. 177. G. 1:536. M.D.G. 1910:138. Var. americana, Rehd. (L. americana, Forbes). Differs chiefly in the corolla being distinctly tubular at the base, the tubular part exceeding the calyx: lvs. usually glabrous, but ciliate near the base. N. Amer., Lab. to Alaska, in the mountains south to Md. and Calif. B.B. (ed. 2) 3:276. Var. longiflora, Torr. (L. longriflora, Howell). Fls. more funnelfonn, ½ in. long or slightly longer; peduncles 2—3 in. long: lvs. generally somewhat larger. Wash, to Calif. A var. major is listed. In Fig. 2179, the two large lvs. in the foreground do not belong to Linnaea.

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