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posted 4685 days ago

I'm happy to give a push in the right direction! :-)

So let's leave the hallucinogens list alone for now, though we can use it as a basis for a new list if need be, and later decide if we keep both or remove this old list. We can recreate the list you had. We can start with a list of just the names, while we also decide what (if any) information to include about each plant. What did you have in mind?

posted 4686 days ago

Hi - We can certainly recreate the page - it was just so big it was causing a strain on the site like I've never seen. We'll have to simplify it, or reduce the images, or break it up or something!

posted 4688 days ago

Hi, welcome to Gardenology! Thanks for your edits so far. I hope I can work with you to help add content to the site. For example, we focus mainly on the cultivation of plants, with only a cursory mention of uses. That does not mean we don't touch upon uses, and in fact, we already have a list which I think you'll find interesting called List of herbal and fungal hallucinogens. We can add another list if it's necessary, or add a column very briefly describing the effects, but again, the uses of the plant are very secondary to cultivation information on Gardenology. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm happy to help with questions and formatting as I said. Thanks!

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