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posted 4256 days ago

Thanks for the Info. I was thinking that the average gardener wasn't going to need all the scientific jargon. I know it is confusing me.

posted 4256 days ago

I will sift through the Grape section as I have time and try to make sense out of what is there and what to keep. Thanks for the quick reply. I was a little worried that this was an uninhabited wiki. ~~~~

posted 4407 days ago

Hi Raffi.... I know I went MIA there for a very long time - got too busy. Wanted to let you know that one of the projects I started is called SLOLA - Seed Library of Los Angeles. We've only had a couple of meetings, but the database committee will be using Gardenology as _the_ source to quote on seed saving procedures and we are going to have a committee of several to post the proper seed saving techniques for each vegetable that we have in our library so library members uncertain on how to save the seeds will know that this is the 'official' source.

Hope you have had a good year and I hope to have more spare time to go back to my California Native Tree list. Among other things. And may this email find you well and prospering.


posted 4630 days ago

Hey, thanks for the info, I worked really hard on that page and would like to keep it if possible.

posted 4670 days ago

thank you very much for info it means that i should keep the soil moist and wet enough, ain't it? do you have any idea about what is the best soil for grow that araceae's familys nicely?

posted 4671 days ago

hiii... thanks for appreciated, anyway i've a bit problems with my plants, especially about the soil, i think i have not yet use the right soil to growed nicely so that they looks sallow and become dried...may be you have any info or suggest could be shared here, i would be appreciate

posted 4709 days ago

OpenID can work with Wordpress & MediaWiki, so we're thinking about that as a backend.

posted 4709 days ago

Interesting, thanks - but there are no anti-spam measures, right?

We want to try out a couple of forum options (Wordpress plugin, and Wordpress-compatible forum) but exploring all the options...

posted 4710 days ago

Thanks for the good words - where would I post most of it though? Hmmmm.... more work... a lot of stuff will have to wait until after Earth Day - too much to do! And, to top it all, I'm leaving town for 10 days (20 March to 30 March). Going to see wildflowers in Anza Borego before heading on out to Tucson to visit (and try to catch a Dodger spring training game!). david

posted 4731 days ago

Just noticed this, do they still come up with

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