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To contact the webmaster, just click on the "+" tab above and leave me a public note here. Or click on "edit". I don't post my email address to avoid spam, but am happy to hear from you about the site. If you want a reply by email, include yours in the note. If not, check back here for a reply. If you have an account on this site, I'll reply on your own talk page! Hope you're enjoying the site! --Raffi 21:02, 8 December 2008 (UTC)


Using Content

Hi Raffi,

I'm the editor of Washington Home & Garden magazine and website. I was hoping to begin a relationship with you and and post content from your site for our readers. Ours is a local magazine and very small operation. The website is only a few months old.

It's my hope that in posting content from this site, it will encourage members of the garden community to add articles on your website and recognize our site as a source for solid gardening info and leads to other resources. I would like to include a link to on the "sites we like" section I will be creating.

Please get in touch with me. nikki[at]whgmag[dot]com.

Many thanks in advance, Nikki Smith Editor, Washington Home & Garden

Independent Master Gardener


Please phone, I'd like to invite you to speak at a club meeting. You stopped by our booth at the last Green Scenes at Fullerton Arboretum.

Bob Shaw President, Orange County Independent Master Gardeners 714-527-1619

Orange County Independent Master Gardeners (again!)


I misplaced your phone number, could you please contact me again? 714-527-1619

Bob Shaw

Main Page, Book of the Month

Hi Raffi,

You've seen some of my postings, I hope I'm not being too conversational for what you want. I write a lot and I'm willing to contribute material to Gardenology, primarily in California natives, edible plants, organic pest control - I notice many articles are more formal than I've written, but I've also noted a lot of articles are steeped in botanical data but not much on the growing side which I took to be the stated aim of Gardenology. At any rate, though I have taught botany, I am first and foremost a gardener and I pull on my practical gardening experience rather than something written in a book.

I have also done book reviews in the past and I would be willing to write a 'Book of the Month' column if that would be of any assistance. I have a lot of reviews on horticulture books already written and could forward a sample to you if that would help.

In addition, in January, I will be teaching a plant propagation class for UCLA Extension. I am considering making including a requirement that my credit students submit propagation for one plant as part of their work. That should result in getting a number of propagation notes written for Gardenology and givfe the students a reason to write a paper!

Hope all this helps. I read you were by some booth in Orange County which means you are West Coast friendly. If you come to Los Angeles, I am the Gardenmaster for The Learning Garden at Venice High School. Consider yourself invited for a tour anytime you're in our neighborhood.


Maureen Farmer


I am a master gardener and my profession is programmer/project manager. This spring, I taught myself the PHP programming language to improve my professional skill set. To practice, I created The Farmer’s Garden website. The site, is a place where people can post free classifieds to sell, trade or give away their surplus backyard garden produce.

I launched my site in May 2009 and it is nationwide. I think it is a great resource for members of your community. It is very easy to grow more produce than you and your family can use. Why not share your local, fresh and delicious vegetables, fruit, berries, etc. with others?

Registration is free and required to post classifieds to buy, sell or trade surplus produce. Individuals and non-profit organizations can also post wanted classifieds. Registration is not required to search the classifieds. Can you please provide a link to my site, on your site?

Thank you,
Maureen Farmer
The Farmer's Garden

Hi Raffi!

I'm Pipi69e from I was stopped working on this SMW project, but not for keeps I hope. The original idea was a solution that can be used on Wikimedia projects (e.g., Wikipedia, or Wikispecies), because these projects have a lot of users and a lot of created articles about species (a new and separate wiki-based project contains species redundantly). But it appears SMW not will be used in this projects in the immediate future. That was why I turned to hungarian Wikibooks and looked for solutions without SMW. Of course these endeavorings are more difficult. Now I'm playing with Drupal and I'm trying to extend (generalize) the things and learning about RDF and EAV model. I'm not a programmer and I advance slowly :(

Many thanks for Your interest :) Pipi69e

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