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Real name: Raffi Kojian
Location: Los Angeles
USDA zone: 10
Sunset zone: 23 user since: 2006
Gardening since: 6yo
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Started in 2006, his name in the real world is Raffi. I started gardening when I was 6 - I was hooked when I first ate a cherry tomato off the vine. I had a small plot were I could grow a few vegetables, and started a small cactus/succulent garden. In high school I began Guerrilla gardening with a friend of mine, and many years later was happy to hear there was a whole movement devoted to such things. In high school it was mostly naked lady seeds and bulbs, a few blackberry roots, etc. In college some gladiolus and freesia. In Armenia I distributed many plants that they did not have there, including Candy Lily, columbines, cantaloupes, sweet corn, broccoli, sweet basil, blue potatoes, sweet potatoes, new blueberry varieties, and other goodies.

My garden

I'm mostly confined to pots these days, but hope that will change soon. I have been collecting some fun plants though, including the following: Papaya, Mango, White Sapote, White Pomegranate, Pepino, Black Bamboo, Freesia, Cardamom, Oregano, Mint, Egyptian Onion, Tomatoes, Byzantine Gladiolus, Freesia, Chalice Vine, Yellow Angel's Trumpet, Black Coral Pea vine, Giant Dutchman's Pipe vine, and Rio Red Grapefruit.


Some of the photos I've uploaded.

Notes for myself

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Raffi Kojian Photo Gallery - I'm uploading photos I've taken of hundreds of plants, and adding them to this gallery. You're free to use them, as long as you give the required attribution.

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