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Real namekie
Locationsurabaya, Indonesia
Places I have livedSurabaya
About meI'm very interest with the araceae's familys and really curious to know more about them, especially for the cyrtosperma erotics, so exotic for me
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posted 4728 days ago

I am guessing a soil with some organic matter, especially something acidic like peat moss might be good. It also helps retain water. Maybe if 25% of the soil, or maybe a little more was of such material it the plant would like it? I am guessing, but if I find anything more concrete I will let you know.

posted 4729 days ago

Yes, these plants do have uncommon requirements. You should always keep the soil moist, and it should also be a bit acid. Other than that it likes bright light - perhaps yours could use a little more light?

posted 4730 days ago

Cool photos - I've added the plant pages so they can be displayed in the right places. Cyrtosperma cuspidisphatum and Cyrtosperma johnstonii...

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