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'''What I'm growing:'''Kowhai, Tree Fushia, Pohutukawa, Poppies (Oriental, Opium, Californian, Icelandic), Hebes, Date Palms, Climbing Fig, Spiderwort, Clog Plant, Parlour Palm, Totara.
'''Plants wanted:'''M. excelsa aurea
Other information
MoviesLord Of The Rings, Avatar
TVDoctor Who, Merlin, M.A.S.H, Robot Chicken
MusicEverything except rap
BooksSci-fi and Fantasy namely, anything by Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein. George R.R. Martin is also good and many more.
Edits 176
Personal information
Real nameDuncan Ross
LocationChristchurch, New Zealand
HometownChristchurch, New Zealand
Places I have livedNelson, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

SchoolsUniversity Of Otago.
About meI am a kiwi through and through. I'm very interested in plant biology and all related subjects.
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posted 4769 days ago

Well iphones really are mostly toys. I don't actually have one myself yet, but I just have so many ideas for the website, and an app was one of them. It would do a few function, include gathering plant photos, details and other fun stuff :-) Hopefully it will be a doable project!

Now I understand why you've been quiet lately. I must say I would often fall behind in classes, but I'd do a decent job of catching up right before exams. Good luck with your work load - and i hope they leave you a little time for drinking and wikiying ;-)

posted 4788 days ago

Yes, I didn't have access to a recent copy of Adobe Illustrator to update the text, but just yesterday I coincidentally got access to it (for how long I don't know) and can fix it...

posted 4790 days ago

Definitely. Lists like that are immensely helpful to people who have those types of limited gardening conditions. We can add those lists to the List of lists to begin with, and then in other places where appropriate. The blog? I stopped for a couple of reasons. I added message boards, which could serve a similar purpose, plus I felt that focusing on the plant encyclopedia for a bit would be better. It would be good to resuscitate it one of these days...

posted 4792 days ago

It seems like there should be a better way, but the only way I know of is to delete the page, then recreate it without using the form. After you delete a page, the top of the screen telling you that the deletion was successful has a "create" tab. Just click on it to start over without the form...

posted 4797 days ago

Ah, I see, you don't have to double-add the species name when going for the abbreviated genus. I'll have to remember that. Very nice trick, thanks!

posted 4797 days ago

What you did with the poppy and poppy oil articles makes perfect sense. Now I'm trying to figure out what the templates you added are up to! :-)

posted 4802 days ago

Ah yes, I forgot about the mealybug picture :-) I have some of my own (unfortunately, since they're sucking on my plants), but haven't gotten around to labeling and uploading them yet! Adding stuff can be addictive, I should have warned you ;-)

posted 4808 days ago

No kidding, sounds gross. I'll have to check around and see if I can't find a place that serves it nearby (I'd be surprised if I couldn't), and let you know how it goes. It's traditionally mixed with fruit juices, so maybe grape juice phlegm is a real treat ;-)

posted 4809 days ago

perhaps they expand when you soak them? here's an interesting text i found: When soaked in water, the seeds form a gelatinous mass which is flavoured with fruit juices and consumed as a cooling drink. The gelled seeds can also be prepared as a gruel or pudding. The sprouted seeds are eaten in salads, sandwiches, soups, stews etc. Due to their mucilaginous property they are often sprouted on clay or other porous materials. The seed can be ground into a meal and made into bread, biscuits, cakes etc, usually in a mix with cereal flours[183]. The seed is a good source of protein and easily digested fats.

posted 4809 days ago

Great, thanks. Yeah, the add a plant is quite handy! I just added some more cultivation info on the Salvia. It sounds like an interesting plant, I'd like to try one of those shakes they make with the seeds now...

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