Aspidistra elatior

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 Aspidistra elatior subsp. var.  Cast-iron Plant
Aspidistra elatior
Habit: herbaceous
Height: to
Width: to
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Lifespan: perennial
Origin: Japan
Exposure: part-sun, shade
Water: moderate, dry
Features: foliage, drought tolerant, houseplant
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Minimum Temp: °Fwarning.png"°F" is not a number.
USDA Zones: to
Sunset Zones:
Flower features:
Asparagaceae > Aspidistra elatior var. ,

Aspidistra elatior (Cast-iron Plant) is a rhizomatous perennial, native to Japan and widely cultivated as a houseplant. [1][2]

Aspidistra elatior is a stemless plant to 1 metre in height with dark green leaves.[2] Small, solitary purplish flowers may appear at the base of the plant in spring.[1]

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Aspidistra lurida, Ker-Gawl (A. elatior, Hort. A. punctata, Lindl.). Lvs. 15-20 in. long, stiff, evergreen, oblong-lanceolate, sharp-pointed, radical; blade narrowed into a channeled petiole a third of its length: fls. lurid purple, on short 1-fld. scapes; perianth segms. 8; stamens 8; stigma broadly shield-shaped, like a small mushroom. China. Var. variegate, Hort., has alternation of green and white stripes, no 2 Lvs. being exactly alike.—In Fla., the aspidistra makes beautiful dense specimens in unheated plant-sheds. It thrives in sunshine when growing along the edges of ditches and flowing water.

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Aspidistra elatior is well-known in cultivation and has a reputation for withstanding neglect, giving rise to its common name of Cast-iron Plant.[2] It is tolerant of low light, low humidity, temperature fluctuation and irregular watering.[2] It is best situated in a position away from direct sun to avoid leaf bleaching.[2] Good drainage is also required for optimal growth and to avoid root rot.[2]


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Pests and diseases

The species is not seriously troubled by insects, however mites and scale may cause occasional problems.[2] Its leaves and roots may be subject to browsing by hoofed mammals such as deer, as well as rodents and rabbits.


A variegated form, A. elatior 'Variegata', is also cultivated.[2]


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