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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Hoheria (from the New Zeal, vernacular name hoheri). Malvaceae. Small trees or shrubs native to New Zeal.: lvs. variable, alternate, serrate, petiolate: fls. numerous, white, in axillary fascicles; peduncles jointed at the middle; bracteoles wanting; calyx hemispherical, Smoothed; petals oblique, notched near the apex; stamina! "column split at the top into numerous filaments, usually arranged in 5 bundles: fruiting carpels 5, indehiscent, furnished with a broad membranous wing at the back.—Three or4 species; by some regarded as one variable species. H. populnea, A. Cunn. A small, handsome tree, 10-30 ft., glabrous except the young shoots, peduncles and calyxes, which are more or less pubescent: lvs. very variable, especially in young plants: fls. snow-white, produced in great profusion: carpels produced outward and upward into a membranous wing, longer than broad. G.C. III. 30:384; 52:355. Gn. 62, p. 309; 76, p. 580. Scarcely cult.

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