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 Liparis subsp. var.  
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Liparis (Greek, fat, shining). Orchidaceae. Erect little plants with stems in some species 1 foot high, bearing one or several leaves and a terminal raceme of small, rarely medium-sized flowers.

Herbs, terrestrial or epiphytic: sts. sometimes thickened at the base into a small pseudobulb, sheathed by scales: lvs. few, broad, contracted into sheathing petioles: fls. whitish, greenish yellow or purplish; sepals and petals nearly equal, linear, spreading; column long; lip nearly plane, often with 2 tubercles above the base. — A large genus, containing over 100 species, distributed over the warm and temperate regions of the entire earth. By some, the name Leptorchis is used for this genus, but Liparis is retained by the "nomina conservanda" of the Vienna Congress.

L. liliifolia should be planted in well-drained soil; a shady bank is preferable. L. Laeselii delights in a wet situation, just at the edge of the water.

L. atropurpurea, Lindl. Plants 1 ft. or more high: lvs. 2-4, nearly round, acuminate plicate, near together at the upper part of the St.: raceme manv-fld. ; fls. chocolate-purple; lip oblong, obtuse, recurved. June. Ceylon. B.M. 5529. — The most ornamental of the genus. — L. Caillei. Finet. Dwarf: racemes several- fld.; scape 4-winged: lvs. membranous, not plicate. French Guinea. —L. Lacerata, Ridl. Racemes about 8 in. long; sepals and petals yellowish, oblong, obtuse; lip orange-red. Borneo. — L. nana, Rolfe. Plant very small: fls. dark purple, remarkable in having a very broad, nearly straight column. Annam. — L. rhodochila, Rolfe. Scape many-fld.; sepals and petals light green; lip reddish crimson. Java. — L. tabularis, Rolfe. Raceme lax; fls. purple; dorsal sepal oblong-lanceolate, the lateral oblong; petals filiform; lip reniform, denticulate. Penang. B.M. 8195.— L. triollosa, Reichb. f. Raceme loosely many-fld., the rachis red; sepals strap-shaped, lemon-yellow; petals filiform, arched, red; lip nearly orbicular, golden yellow, red-striped. Malay Penin. B.M. 7804. — L. Warpuri, Rolfe. Only a few inches high: scape 1- or 2-fld.; fls. light green, with dark green disk. Madagascar.

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