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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Pyrostegia (Greek, pyr, fire, and stege, roof; alluding to the color of the flowers and the shape of its upper lip). Bignoniaceae. Ornamental vines cultivated chiefly for their handsome and showy flowers.

Evergreen shrubs climbing by tendrils: lvs. 2- or 3- foliolate; tendril filiform, 3-parted: fls. in terminal panicles; calyx campanulate or nearly tubular, truncate or dentate; corolla tubular-funnelform, curved, the lobes valvate in bud; stamens exceeding the tube; disk annu-lar or slightly cupulate; ovary linear with the seeds arranged in 2 rows or in zigzag: pod linear with leathery valves and elliptic winged seeds.—Four species in S. Amer. Formerly usually united with Bignonia, but easily distinguished by the lobes of the corolla being valvate in bud and by its tubular, nearly claviform shape. Cult. and prop. like bignonia.

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