Pyrus pashia

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Pyrus pashia, Buch.-Ham. (P. variolosa, Wall.). Tree, mostly spiny, when young with 3-lobed and doubly serrate lvs. like those of Crataegus, the young growths woolly: lvs. ovate or ovate - lanceolate, acuminate, crenulate or serrulate, becoming glabrous: fls. 1 in. diam., mostly in woolly corymbose short-peduncle clusters; calyx - lobes acute, deciduous; stamens about 30. Himalayas to W. China. Var. kumaoni, Stapf (P. kumaoni, Decne. P. Wilhelmii. Schneid.), in cult, at Kew, is a thornless tree attaining 50 ft., with buds and branchlets glabrous: lvs. narrow-ovate, 2-3 1/2in- long, glabrous, subcordate at base, long- acuminate at apex: calyx-lobes broad and rounded and the fls. in glabrous corymbs: fr. globose, 1 in. diam., the calyx early deciduous. Kashmir to Kumaon in W. Himalaya and to Yunnan. B.M. 8256.

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