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 Tetragonia subsp. var.  
Tetragonia tetragonioides
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Aizoaceae > Tetragonia var. ,

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Tetragonia is a genus of 50-60 species of flowering plants in the family Aizoaceae, native to temperate and subtropical regions mostly of the Southern Hemisphere, in New Zealand, Australia, southern Africa and South America. The best known species of Tetragonia is the leafy vegetable food crop, Tetragonia tetragonioides, or New Zealand spinach.

Plants of the Tetragonia genus are herbs or small shrubs. Leaves are alternate and succulent, with flowers typically yellow and small . Fruit are initially succulent but become dry and woody with age.[1]

New Zealand spinach is widely cultivated as a summer leafy vegetable.

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Tetragonia (Greek, four-angled, referring to the usually four-angled fruit). Aizoaceae. Here is included a garden vegetable of minor importance.

Herbs or subshrubs from the southern hemisphere and Japan; usually decumbent: lvs. alternate, short-petioled, somewhat fleshy: fls. yellow, green, or reddish, axillary, apetalous; calyx 3-5-lobed.—Only 1 species in cult., but 20 or more species are known in E. Asia and the southern hemisphere. CH

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About 50-60 species, includingwp:
Tetragonia angustifolia
Tetragonia arbuscula
Tetragonia copiapina
Tetragonia coronata
Tetragonia cristata
Tetragonia crystallina
Tetragonia decumbens
Tetragonia diptera
Tetragonia eremaea
Tetragonia espinosae
Tetragonia fruticosa
Tetragonia herbacea
Tetragonia implexicoma
Tetragonia macrocarpa
Tetragonia maritima
Tetragonia ovata
Tetragonia moore
Tetragonia nigrescens
Tetragonia pedunculata
Tetragonia tetragonioides
Tetragonia trigyna
Tetragonia vestita


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