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 Trigonidium subsp. var.  
Trigonidium acuminatum
Habit: orchid
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Width: to
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Lifespan: perennial
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Orchidaceae > Trigonidium var. ,

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Trigonidium, abbreviated as Trgdm in horticultural trade, is a genus of orchids comprising of more than 20 species found from Mexico to Brazil.

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Trigonidium (Greek, three and small angle, alluding to the triangular form of several parts of the plant). Orchidaceae. Epiphytic herbs, grown in the warmhouse.

Stems very short, soon thickened into fleshy 1-2- lvd. pseudobulbs: lvs. leathery, not folded, linear or oblong: scape from below the pseudobulb or from a simple rhizome, many-sheathed, 1-fld.: fls. rather large, short-pedicelled, between spathe-like bracts; sepals about equal, connivent or coherent into a 3-angled tube at base; petals much smaller than sepals; lip erect, lateral lobes clasping the column, midlobe spreading, fleshy or callous at base; column without wings and footless; pollinia 4.—About 10 species, Trop. Cent. and S. Amer.

The following species are sometimes found in cult.: T. acuminatum, Batem. Pseudobulbs ovate, acute, sulcate: lf. linear: fl. dull straw-color, penciled with rich brown inside, sepals acuminate recurved at apex; petals oval-lanceolate. British Guiana.—T. Egertonianum, Batem. Pseudobulbs clustered, oval, compressed, 2-lvd.: lvs. narrow ensiform, often 1 1/2 ft. long: fl. pale liver-color, dashed and veined with brown; sepals acute, the lateral ones reflexed; petals slightly acute. Honduras.—T. latifolium, Lindl. Lvs. obovate-oblong, 6x2 in.: fls. yellow and purple; lip with a fleshy yellow front lobe and narrow purplish side ones.—T. obtusum, Lindl. Pseudobulb oblong or elongate obovoid, 2-lvd., compressed: lvs. linear-lanceolate: fl. terminal; sepals reddish yellow, obovate; petals white, veined with rose, brown at the apex, obtuse; lip white, dorsally tubercled, lateral lobes red-margined, midlobe yellow in front. British Guiana. B.R. 1923.—T. tenue, Lodd. Pseudobulbs oval, compressed, 1-lvd.: lf. ensiform, very acute: fl. brownish purple; sepals reflexed, very acuminate; lip obtuse, glabrous, reflexed at apex. British Guiana. CH

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