Viburnum tinus

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Viburnum tinus, Linn. (V. Laurustinus, Hort. Tinus laurifolius, Borckh.). Laurustinus (or Laurestinus). Bushy, 10 ft., with glabrous or somewhat hairy branches: lvs. ovate-oblong or oblong, acute, dark green, shining and glabrous above, pubescent beneath usually only on the veins, 2-3 in. long: fls. white or pinkish white, slightly fragrant: cymes somewhat convex, 2-3 in. broad: fr. ovoid, black, rather dry. May-Aug., or in the greenhouse in early spring and winter. Medit. region. B.M. 38. Gn. 70, p. 113; 77, p. 601. Gn.W. 18:297.—Handsome free-flowering shrub, often cult. as a pot-plant N. Var. Froebelii, Nichols. Compact form with light green lvs. and pure white fls. Var. hirtum, Ait. Lvs. pubescent beneath and ciliate. Var. lucidum, Ait. (V. lucidum, Mill. V. grandiflorum, Hort.). Lvs. and cymes larger, more tender and not adapted for forcing. Gn. 15, p. 196. Gt. 5:192. Var. purpureum, Hort. Lvs. suffused with a dull purple tinge. Var. strictum, Loud., not Ait. Of erect and fastigiate habit. Var. virgatum, Ait. Lvs. oblong-lanceolate, pubescent on the margin and on the veins beneath. Var. variegatum, Hort. Lvs. variegated.

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