Vinca minor

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 Vinca minor subsp. var.  Dwarf periwinkle
Vinca minor plant
Habit: herbaceous
Height: to
Width: to
Height: cm to 6 in
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Lifespan: perennial
Origin: Portugal to Netherlands to Caucasus
Exposure: part-sun, shade
Water: moderate
Features: flowers, naturalizes, invasive, ground cover, fire resistant
Hidden fields, interally pass variables to right place
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USDA Zones: onwarning.png"on" is not a number. to onwarning.png"on" is not a number.
Sunset Zones: 1-24, 28-43
Flower features:
Apocynaceae > Vinca minor var. ,

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Vinca minor, Linn. Common Periwinkle. Blue, Running, or Trailing Myrtle. Fig. 3933. Hardy evergreen, trailing herb: fl.-sts. erect, sometimes nearly a foot high: lvs. ovate, oblong-ovate, or elliptic-lanceolate, not more than 1 1/2 in. long, glabrous, petiole very short with 2 glands at the top: fls. lilac-blue; calyx-lobes lanceolate, rather obtuse; corolla-lobes cuneate, obtuse and truncate.-Common in all country gardens and running wild in cemeteries and shady places. Some of the horticultural varieties are: Var. alba, Hort., which has single white fls. Var. alba plena, Hort., with double white fls. Var. alba variegata, Hort., is a form with variegated lvs. and single white fls. Var. argentea variegata, Hort., has the lvs. silvery variegated. Var. atropurpurea compacta, Hort., has single dark purple fls. Var. aurea, Hort., has been in the trade, a form with golden foliage. Var. aurea variegata, Hort., has golden variegated lvs. Var. caerulea, Hort. (V. caerulea, Hort. V. caerulea minor, Hort.), is a form with bright blue, single fls. There is also a form known as V. caerulea argentea marginata, Hort., which has the lvs. margined with silvery white. Var. flore-pleno, Hort., probably the same as var. plena. Var. plena, Hort., has double fls., otherwise like the type. Var. purpurea plena, Hort., has double purple fls. Var. rosea, Hort., has single rosy fls. Var. rosea fl.-pl. Hort., is like the last but double-fld. Var. variegata, Hort., is a variegated-lvd., blue-fld. form offered in the trade. V. elegantissima alba, Hort., and also "The Bride," a form with white fls. which are pink-centered belong to this species.

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